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“Is the Highlander the world’s most capable trail bike? It certainly outshone this year’s “Trail Bike of the Year” line-up on the descents.”

- Bikeradar test

"The traction master! It's on the descents where things get good. And I mean really, really good, especially if you're the type of rider that enjoys tight, technical downhill trails."

- Pinkbike test

“After beating these wheels mercilessly and seeing them continue to push on, we have to give it to RideFast for building such top-quality equipment. If trusty and durable carbon wheels are on your wish list, check out the Hotlines from RideFast Racing.”

- MBA test

“It rides high in its travel, offers support and control on the chunkiest trails, and will convert coil-only believers. Yes, a fork at this price level should be near perfection, but the performance is damn close..”

- Pinkbike test